Organic Whey Protein

Our organic whey protein powder is produced from the milk of grass-fed cattle who graze on lush pastures free from any pesticides or herbicides, and no need for any growth hormones or genetically modified organisms. The cow’s welfare is ensured through organic guidelines that must be met (by law) by the hardworking farmer responsible for these animals.

Farmers provide all the requirements needed throughout the seasons: such as year round access to fresh grass and baled hay, well ventilated housing and fresh bedding in the winter and plenty of room to move around freely.

The organic milk is processed through a fine filtration process that uses lower temperatures to retain the healthy benefits of the milk, resulting in just one ingredient that is our organic whey protein powder.

We are also passionate about healthy human beings, and our organic whey protein is the perfect way to supplement your daily protein dietary intake. Whey protein provides essential protein and amino acids that your body needs, can be used to maintain healthy muscles and aid muscle growth while also helping to lose fat. Organic dairy contains higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids, higher CLA profiles and more vitamins A & E. Our protein is ideal for use in home recipes and smoothies sweet or savoury, or perfect shaken up with milk or just water - creating an amazingly creamy natural flavour that is free from any artificial flavourings or sweeteners.